Chicken BLTA Salad



  1. Gather ingredients, knife, cutting board, salad bowl, pan, tongs, and cheese grater.
  2. Wash fruits and vegetables.
  3. Grill or bake chicken until done. 45 minutes on 350 degrees in the oven. Cut chicken into bite sized pieces once fully cooked.
  4. Cook bacon in the pan on a medium heat until crispy, use your tongs to flip bacon often. Chop bacon once fully cooked.
  5. Prepare "Bomb"Sauce for a creamy avocado dressing according to link's directions.
  6. Cut 1/2 an avocado into bite size pieces and cut cherry tomatoes in half.
  7. Slice 1/2 jalapeno.
  8. Place 3 cups of baby spinach into salad bowl and assemble chicken, bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes on top.
  9. Use the cheese grater to shred 1/2 cup Monterey Jack cheese.
  10. Toss sliced jalapeno on top.
  11. Pour the "Bomb"Sauce on in your desired amount.
  12. Enjoy!