Strawberry Cake Pops

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Yields: 8 cake pops



  1. Bake the cake according to box directions.
  2. Let cool.
  3. Wash hands well.
  4. Crumble 1/4 of the cake into a bowl. You can place the remainder into the freezer for later use.
  5. Mix in 1/4 cup strawberry frosting.
  6. Crumble and mix with your hands.
  7. Use a cake pop press mold or a cookie scoop to mold the cake pops. I use the cookie scoop and place cake in hands to press together and roll into a bowl.
  8. Place cake balls onto a cookie sheet and let cool in fridge for one hour.
  9. Remove from fridge.
  10. Heat a small chunk of white chocolate for one minute.
  11. Dip the dull end of the skewer into melted chocolate and press into top of cake ball.
  12. Let chill in fridge until the chocolate has set up.
  13. Cook the remainder of the white chocolate according to directions.
  14. Dip each cake pop into chocolate, place sprinkles over top and place in the foam to let set.
  15. Put together your cake pop bouquet.