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Salty Dog Cocktail, how to make a salty dog, greyhound cocktail, grapefruit cocktail, gin cocktail, vodka cocktail

Salty Dog

  • Author: Amber
  • Yield: 1 cocktail 1x


A Salty Dog is a cocktail made with grapefruit juice and gin or vodka with a salt rim. Garnish with a slice of fresh grapefruit and sprig of rosemary to make a beautiful and delicious drink. 


  • 1 1/2 ounce Gin or vodka
  • 4 ounces grapefruit juice
  • coarse salt
  • ice
  • fresh grapefruit (slice)
  • rosemary


  1. Dip the tip of your glass in water and then coarse salt to salt the rim. Traditionally a highball glass would be used. 
  2. Fill glass with ice. 
  3. Add a shot of gin or vodka. 
  4. Place a slice of fresh grapefruit inside glass (optional). 
  5. Fill with grapefruit juice. 
  6. Garnish with a sprig of rosemary (optional). 
  • Category: drink